Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac,
Safed Musli

In the Ayurvedic literature, Safed Musli is described as a Divya Aushad with unparalleled medicinal properties. It is a chief ingredient in the preparation of over a hundred Ayurvedic formulations. Besides its extensive use in Ayurveda and other conventional medicinal systems in Asia, Safed Musli is also gaining increasing acceptance as a vitalizer and health-giving tonic, a restorative for immunity-improvement and as a remedy for diabetes and arthritis.

Alongside, the recent discovery of Safed Musli as a natural and safe aphrodisiac agent has also opened up new channels of application and new demand for it. By virtue of being a herb, Safed Musli has been found to be an ideal aphrodisiac with no negative side-effects associated with chemical-based aphrodisiac.

Among the numerous uses and usage of Safed Musli, the most important of them include the following:

  • For therapeutic application in Ayurveda, Unani and Allopathic medicines.
  • As a curative for physical weakness and many illnesses.
  • As an aphrodisiac agent and vitalizer.
  • As an effective alternative to The Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac.
  • As a general sex tonic.
  • As an Immunity-improving drug.
  • As a remedy for diabetes.
  • As a remedy for arthritis.


MuslinNites is a unique formulation derived from nature's herbal gifts, with the help of old age marvel, the science of health-Ayurveda.This herbal combination is made out of very rare herbs and medicinal plants which have aphrodisiac, strengthening and rejuvenating properties. These herbs and medicinal plants are mentioned in world's most ancient existing medicinal system-Ayurveda.


1. Safed Musli: The perfect sex stimulator and aphrodisiac as well as a rejuvenator. (Ref Text: Sahasrayogam, Shrangadhara Samhita , Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

2. Aswagandha: Increases sexual power, sperm count and a good sex stimulant.
(Ref Text : Bhavanihandu, Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

3. Tribulus: Increases sperm count and act on urinary tract infections and renal stone diseases. It helps in bleeding disorders and powerful anti-asthmatic also.
(Ref. Text: Ashtangahridayam, Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Ratnavali)

4. Shilajith: Acts as allround sex enhancer. It increases immunity of the human body and prevent from diseases...
(Ref. Text: ahasrayogam, Bhavanihandu, Bhyshajya Rathnavali).

5. Kauncha Beej Nervine tonic. Aphrodisiac and Antispasmodic.
(Ref. Text: ahasrayogam, Bhavanihandu, Bhyshajya Rathnavali).